Saturday, October 1, 2016

Give Bipolar The Respect It Deserves

   People tend to treat my illness as if it doesn't exist. They look at me like I suffer because I want to suffer, like happiness and I mean true happiness is something I don't want. Bipolar disorder doesn't get the respect it deserves from the general or medical population. This illness gives you the feeling like you have been diagnosed and treated with pills in one hand while a pile of doubt fills the other. Never have I been treated like a person with a general physical disability. I know for a fact that I have a disability. While it is a brain disability it is still a physical disability. Why is it that if a person gets cancer or is paralyzed or even has a heart attack or stroke they get noticed as disabled. Now I'm not taking away from their disabilities at all and feel they deserve the same treatment as anyone else with a disability. Life has truly handed them a band hand. But, at the same time people with a mental disability have to fight hard to get up each morning and fight hard to go to work if they even can maintain a job. Most insurance companies don't cover mental health, treatment options are next to to nothing, and yet we are dying everyday from our illness. If we don't kill ourselves from depression or paranoia our meds lesson our lifespans by years. 
    Hypertension, liver failure, stroke, heart attack, suicide, diabetes, these are all very typical things that kill not just everyone but those with mental illness are more subject to than the rest. Look it up!!! Why in the world would we get treated like a bunch of liars and whiners over our illness. Most people with mental illness are born that way. Yes, it is passed on through family genes and is a real problem. Recent studies dome by reputable health organizations have shown that mental illness can be tested and diagnosed through MRI machines thus proving its legitimacy. So again I go back to why do we get treated like outcasts of society. 
    Yes I have bipolar disorder, hypertension, insomnia, and non diagnosed paranoia as well as very close to diabetes. The high blood pressure and diabetes have been brought on by my medications. The sad fact of the matter is my insurance doesn't cover my mental health treatments. Why? I mean, I pay for the insurance and hardly ever get to use it. I never get a cold or haven't had the flu in 20 years. So then tell me what good is it to pay for something you don't use. It would be cheaper for me to pay the $75 dollars a year for a checkup physical than to pay the $100 dollars a month for the insurance. I'm already paying for my psych meds and doctor visits anyway. I don't know just a rant I guess.

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