Thursday, October 13, 2016

Job Hunting

    Choices come and go but making the right choice is not as easy as one would think.... I have now been offered a choice of three different positions and have to make a decision on what would be good for me. Having Bipolar Disorder is a big factor in decision making. Not only in just the choice itself but also in the long run of things. You see, I have to decide on a job and this is tough due to the manic side of things saying go for the one that sounds fun or is ready to go now, while on the other hand the depression side of things says what about down the road?
    Starting now would be good for the income of things, but down the road will I be happy, would gas and travel time come into play? Of course we have my most active Bipolar season coming in... winter. Now one of the positions has me waiting until Oct. 20th for a finger print screening then a back ground check. Who knows how long it will take for that to come back? Another job has me a spot to start in as soon as tomorrow, but, it is a trip to get too. The pay isn't great but it is income. The third job has me waiting on a phone call, it is a trip as well but it is also the highest paying position offered to me right now. They may call today or tomorrow morning, so they said.
    Of course I'm not getting rich writing this blog lol. So in the mean time I am just sitting here going over applications and muling over these offers. Now there is another possible lead I have that I think would be a perfect fit for my needs. With two guaranteed offers on the table and one possible phone call very soon I may be foolish to hope on the long shot but I think I would really enjoy this work. So off to the old drawing board to plan my next move. Wish me luck in my endeavors of the job hunt.
    Bipolar has played a role in my search. It's as if I need to plan my work around things like scheduling, travel time, and how much I would like to do what it is that is offered. Most people plan around the same thing but in my case I need to take it a little more seriously. You see, if I start something and find that it isn't for me I tend to get worried a lot more and feel a sense of loyalty immediately to that particular organization. There was a time when I could just jump jobs and not feel guilty but in a weird way that has all changed. It's as if I need to feel accepted now for some reason. So I need to be very careful.

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