Monday, February 20, 2017

Not Enough Time For Everything

So it's been a week since my last post here and I do apologize for that. I feel overwhelmed at times trying to work, write, be a dad and husband, and run a YouTube channel. I mean it a real feat to get it all accomplished. One thing I will never do is give up.

Trying to prioritize things in my life can be difficult. You see having bipolar is never easy and having large emotional outbursts is just one of the symptoms. I tend to try to hide those emotions for as long as possible. Keeping things bottled up for so long keeps me feeling emotionally bloated. It's like I have no more room to put things. This gets in the way of trying to prioritize life and feelings that go along with it.

The best way I can describe this is kind of silly. I feel like Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. I know how silly right? But think about it. A line in the film said she was so small she could only hold one emotion at a time, so when I'm doing work that's all I can focus on, same for anything else. When I'm doing YouTube that's literally all I focus on, when I write I give it my all. I mean it's 11:35pm right now and I just1 uploaded a video, my family is asleep and I'm writing this article.

I've given advice on planning things out and prioritizing life when it comes to mentally ill people and I think I could try harder myself to take that advice. I tend to get to involved in my projects and have way to big of a heart to let others down. I enjoy writing this blog and making videos for all my followers to read and watch. I love having a community to come to and interact with others. I can't say enough about how much my family means to me, I just need to focus on making more time for my hobbies and job.

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