Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Healthier Lifestyle Means Healthier You

I have been feeling a lot better lately. I can honestly say that since I've been working out and eating healthier my mood has improved. The water drinking and fruit and vegetables are improving my health not only physically but mentally as well. Maybe my mom was on to something when she said "David eat your vegetables."

The schedule or diet I've been doing is simple and easy. I eat whatever I want except snack cakes or other sugary substances. I cook everything I eat now, so no corndogs or frozen pizzas and other things like that. I drink only water and lots of it. I workout four to five times a week. Now I don't kill myself by lifting huge amounts I just do 4 or 5 reps of 10 at 100 pounds and use the stair stepper for about 5 minutes each workout. I also walk 2 to 5 miles a few times a week depending on how much I walk at work.

In the past month these simple changes have helped me lose 11 pounds and I feel amazingly different and proud of myself. My healthier lifestyle has given me way more energy and boosted my metabolism. I sleep better and of course wake up easier.

I can't say it has cured my bipolar disorder but I do think it has given me more to focus on and helped with that idle mind thing. A combination of blogging, youtubing, and working out has totally occupied my idle time while I'm not working. Being more active is never a bad thing so I would recommend giving a healthier active lifestyle a chance. I think within a month you will feel way better and not regret it.

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