Thursday, March 30, 2017

Starving Is Not The Way To Losing Weight

So I've been researching and found out that many bipolar patients who go on a diet develop an eating disorder. At first I was shocked and wondered why? After I began to think about it I realized I understand it more and more. 

You see, Ive got a very addictive personality. I become OCD about things I feel passionate about and have a need to dive in head first. I put everything I have into my new found passion and this would include my diet. Since I've been on this weight loss journey I have been limiting myself to very little food. When I say limit I mean around 500 calories a day. 

Now with that said, I have found this to be an extremely bad way to go about this. It's been five weeks and I have just started to feel the bad affects on my body. For the first time today I feel very weak and in a way depressed. When I was working out this morning I felt my strength was weaker than usual and I felt very sluggish all day. 

Now some people will say it's nothing and other will say eat more. I'm one that will say it's probably nothing. I have a goal and I want to meet that goal so I need to eat a little more so I can exercise like I want to. I will not give up on this journey and I want to lose the weight and prove to myself I can do it. 

So I just wanted to share this info with anyone who has decided to go on a crash diet and drop a few pounds. If you are starving yourself expect to lose strength and energy soon because its coming.

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  1. 1200 calories a day. Just to live and allow the body to function properly.