Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Studies Say Water Helps Brain Function

I have embarked on a weight loss journey now and have found that it is difficult to do while on the meds I am currently taking. When I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago I talked to him about my weight and we discussed how it would be more suitable for me to do this without the help of medicine. I totally agree with this and have been working really hard on controlling my appetite. I have found that I can do this with the help of water.

I drink nothing but water right now and eat at the most twice a day. I may have a small sausage biscuit or two pieces of toast with butter and jelly for breakfast and a regular meal for dinner around four o'clock. The rest of the day and evening is nothing but water. Yes this was hard at first but it has helped me to loose seven pounds in two weeks. I think thats pretty good myself.

Ok before anyone says I'm not eating enough I am using an app called "LoseIt!" and they have me on a 2000 calorie a day diet and warn me if I don't eat enough. One time did it tell me to eat more and I did. My minimum intake is to be 1500 calories and I either come very close or reach it daily.

Another thing I am doing now is exercising everyday or every other day. I began a lifting schedule and am using a stair stepper and walking regularly. The app keeps complete track of calories I take in and burn during my daily activities.

By doing all of these things on a regular basis I have went from 259lbs to 252lbs in two weeks. I can't argue with those results. By drinking only water and giving up my sweet tea habit I have found that I feel fuller longer and sleep better. By exercising more I feel more energy and have built up more strength and have added more reps to my lifting already.

Almost four years ago I gave up smoking by making the switch to vaping and now I feel it was time to make another life change. I have decided to extend my life as long as I can and adopt a healthier eating habit and workout habit.

Studies have suggested that drinking water improves not only your kidney function but also reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, and improves brain function, eye sight, and skin tone. This simple task is a free life change that anyone can incorporate in daily living. I for one am glad to share this information with anyone who chooses to read this article and make a small change to improve your health.

Being a mental health blog, the benefits of water and brain function I have read about should be enough for any of my readers to at least try this experiment. Can I say I feel better by doing this? I would have to say yes. But don't take my word on it, look it up. 

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